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Your Celebrity Self-Care Persona is...Shailene Woodley



Just like Shailene, I'm guessing that you're not just a little bit 'green'. Sustainable living is a value that impacts every part of your life, whether it's with the food you eat, how you get around, the clothes you wear, and the products you use.

Let's talk a little about Shailene's priorities...

Shailene is known for her activism and her interest in environmental and political causes. She has been a vocal advocate for issues such as climate change, social justice, and health and wellness. She is also a keen supporter of sustainable living and minimalist lifestyles.

Shailene is known for her simple and natural approach to fashion and beauty. She is often seen wearing minimal makeup and opting for a more natural and effortless look. Overall, her aesthetic is characterized by a focus on comfort, simplicity, and a connection to nature.

What does this have to do with you and your self-care?

You embody Shailene's passion for sustainable living. A minimalist lifestyle suits you because you know that our planet is already suffering because of the over-consumption of the human population. You keep your self-care routine simple, but still making sure that you are taking time for yourself. Activitism work is hard work, and you know that you need to replenish your reserves to keep it up.

What Hipbees products are right for you?

Our Pore Hustler is exactly what any minimalist needs to take care of their skin. Using the tradition of oil cleansing this gorgeous product gently lifts away long-wearing and waterproof makeup. It contains our signature ingredient: beeswax, as well as four plant-based oils. And a bonus for those who want to have as little impact on the environment as possible. The Pore Hustler container can be re-used indefinitely, making a great container for your daily almonds, to store your jewelry, or to hide your stash of sweets from the rest of your family!

And we think that you would love our deeply nourishing, oh-so-wonderful Beeswax Lipbalm. It is a purposeful mélange of 3 plant-based oils, packed with vitamin A, C, and E all delivered to your lips in the ever so humectant magic of beeswax. Linalool (lavender) and pinene (rosemary and peppermint) terpenes provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects. And just like above, a perfect little to-go container when you've used up all the lipbalm!


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