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About us

A bit of history

Hipbees started as a family-owned business. Clayton and Jill used to handcraft every batch and sell them at our local farmer's markets.
Being involved in honey farming taught them a lot about the benefits of both raw unpasteurized honey and beeswax. Hipbees began with Jill making a non-stinging lip balm for her sweet boy, Robbee, that would solve his chapped-lip-predicament. While finishing yoga-teacher-training, Jill had all the other yogis testing out the various balms she made, finally settling on one that worked amazingly well!
After the lip balm was developed, Jill began solving other skin issues; moody skin on the face and body, dry hands, and many more. Each product was designed for someone she knew, and usually with the help of a loving friend.
HipBees started as a solution for people in Jill's lives that had skin problems and moody skin and metamorphosed into a more significant desire.

A vision was born: to promote self-care as a means to an end, not an end in itself. At Hipbees, we hope to shift the self-indulgent culture and switch from using self-care practices as the end goal. We serve humans that know that taking care of oneself is a necessity to show up as the best version of yourself in your life with people around you.

Humans are vessels of love and care. Giving is in our nature, but you can only give so much until you need to refill your reservoir. We believe in promoting self-care routines that help you replenish your source of light.

We are on a mission to simplify your skincare routine, bringing practical and effective solutions to your moody skin, all crafted with love because feeling beautiful in your own skin is a right, not a privilege.

To achieve this vision, Jill partnered with Volero Brands. Now, the team is bigger, and Hipbees is ready to come back with a refreshed look. At Hipbees, we still make natural personal-care products, designed for moody skin.
We kept the formulas and the way we handcraft all the products, with LOVE.

Hipbees still loves hearing from people, so please, don't be a stranger.

Let us know what you think, and tell us what we can make to help your body feel better :)