Our Story

ūüíõ ROOTS

Hipbees began in 2011 when we tried our hand at bee farming, which taught us about the benefits of both raw unpasteurized honey and beeswax. Our very first product was inspired by our son Robbee, who persistently struggled with chapped lips. We had a booth at a local farmers market and enjoyed many summers meeting people and sharing our products with the world.

After Robbee's bespoke lip balm was developed, we set about solving other skin issues for friends such as moody skin on the face and body, dry hands and many others. Each product began its life as a custom designed skin care solution for someone we knew. Many years of studying formulation and product development led to a deep and profound love of the hemp plant. Combining hemp with the magic the bees have to offer just made sense, and thus the nourishing offerings you see today were born :)


Thus, a mission was born: to promote self-care as a means to an end, not an end in itself.  We know that completely taking care of yourself is the path to showing up as the best version of yourself. Every day.

Humans are vessels of love and care. Giving is in our nature, but you can only give if the reservoir is replenished. We believe in promoting self-care routines that help you replenish your source of light.

Hipbees's mission is to simplify your skincare routine and bring practical and effective solutions to your moody skin. This is based on the belief that feeling beautiful in your own skin is a right, not a privilege.


In 2018 we partnered with a company in British Columbia in order to share Hipbees with the world.  Travels took us to California, New York, and to BC many times. We learned a tonne and made some great new friends along the way.  As some plans tend to do....some unexpected twists and turns did not land things as intended. All is well that ends well, and has made for some great campfire stories (be sure to ask us about the vault of lavender weed ;).

ūüíõPRESENT DAY (2021)

We have officially parted ways with the crew in BC and are again running the show:)  Hipbees is still making natural personal-care products, designed for  skin. We've preserved the formulas and the ways that we have always handcrafted LOVE into all the products.

Hipbees likes hearing from people, so please, don't be a stranger. Let us know what you think, and tell us how we can help your body feel better. Email us at hello@hipbees.com.