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Your Celebrity Self-Care Persona is...Drew Barrymore


Just like Drew, I'm guessing that you value self-expression and comfort over trends, and pursue an environmentally-conscious and holistic lifestyle.

Let's talk a little about Drew's beliefs and values...

Drew is known for having a number of personal values and beliefs that shape her life and work, including:

Individuality and self-expression: Drew values the importance of standing out and being true to oneself. She's known for her eclectic personal style and her willingness to take risks, both in her fashion choices and in her career.

Nature and the environment: Drew has spoken about her love for nature and her interest in environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

Family and relationships: Drew often speaks about the value she places on building strong bonds with those she loves.

Empathy and kindness: Throughout her career, Drew has shown a deep sense of empathy and a commitment to using her platform to help others.

Creativity and self-discovery: As an actress, director, and producer, Drew has always been drawn to creative pursuits, and she values the importance of exploration and self-discovery through artistic expression.

What does this have to do with you and your self-care?

You embody Drew's passion for the environment, creativity, kindness, and self-care. You know that kindness starts with caring for yourself. And you prioritize self-care products and practices that are in alignment with your environmental priorities.

However, you aren't a trend-follower; you haven't just jumped on the eco-bandwagon. You love nothing more than coming across that perfect vintage coat, or find a skin care line that sources local ingredients. You live your values every day.

What Hipbees products are right for you?

With your environmentally-conscious and holistic lifestyle, you will want a complete self-care routine that is just as good for the Earth as it is for you. Here are four of our favourite products making up the ultimate me-time. It includes the Pore Hustler Solid Face Cleanser, The JOMO Powder Face Mask, the Groovy Glow Face Serum and, Hipbees very first product, our Beeswax Lipbalm.

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