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You deserve the full facial experience at home

As a busy goddess, juggling family, work, friends, more extended family, pets and the occasional group gatherings, you might not have time to nurture yourself the way you need to. 

We've thought about your buy life, and this mini spa routine will offer you the pampering you need in no time. 

You have 3 products that can be mixed and matched as you need, want or have time for.  

💛 For a quick face scrub, mix Pore Hustler with a bit of JOMO Mask and massage your skin

💛 For a quick face cleansing, use Pore Hustler to remove all the grime accumulated during the day. Remove everything with a damp, warm face towel.

💛 For an extra facial treat, use the JOMO Mask to tone or nourish your skin.

💛 At the end of your routine, apply Groovy Glow to lock in all that nourishment.

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