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What does Wild Craft mean to Hipbees? - Hipbees

What does Wild Craft mean to Hipbees?

Hipbees wild craft needs a little explaining and a bit of introducing.

What is Hipbees all about? Well, we are a small company local to the Edmonton Area that makes simple products designed to soothe "moody" skin. Basically that means you can use it and it won't give you a rash, and it might even help clear up one that you have.

Wildcraft to us means actually collecting the plants that you will actually use in your craft, be it skin care, art, or what have you. 

"Jill, are you going all 'Witchy' or something?". Nope, not going anything. We have some neat land west of Edmonton, and for many years I lived surrounded by plants I knew nothing about. I am now taking the time to learn about them and craft with them. I have always howled at the moon, roamed naked around my place in the forest, and done little rituals that mostly no one knows about~ thanks to a collective awakening I am getting less nervous to share about this kind of thing:)

Wild crafting for Hipbees is about staying true to what we love and letting that flow through our work. Herbalism, aromatherapy, plant medicine etc. is all very on trend right now, and it brings me great joy to see so many people embracing it!

Hipbees  is about blooming exactly where you are planted.  Let's say that a different means being happy with exactly where you are now and with exactly what you are doing ~ no whatifs, just as it is right now. It's cliche but all we really have is this moment and time. 

For us at Hipbees it is kind of challenging right now to travel places and 'be wild'. We need to be as wild as possible in our weird little ways right here at home. That means all kinds of forts, milkshakes for supper, bubble baths that smells like the forest, and lotions that smell like a late summer mornings on the river bank. 

Hipbees is for you. We made it for the beautiful people that like to feel a little wild, but gotta bloom right in the middle of domestic bliss. We can't zip to the mountains every weekend, but we can put our feet up, snuggle our kids while we look at pictures and dream about it ~ that's for darn sure!

Thank-you for being on this journey with us, we love what we do and we couldn't do it without you.