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Oil Dissolves Oil - Hipbees

Oil Dissolves Oil

Hipbees did not invent the oil cleansing method, but we sure do love it!  Here at Hipbees, we were very skeptical about applying oil to clean our faces! But now we can not get enough! Our good friend Chantal and her husband told us about this awesome skincare regime.  They have gorgeous skin, always look youthful, and never look mad (that is my favourite thing about them).

Maybe you have heard of 'The Secret', or the 'law of attraction'...well Pore Hustler™ works kind of in the same way!  The scientific fact that "like dissolves like" makes this unique way of washing your face both FUN and VERY effective.

Briefly...Oil dissolves oil.  When you apply Hipbees Oil Cleansing Method it will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and clogged your tender pores. When you remove the oils with a nice hot cloth the steam allows you to gently and effectively remove make-up and other impurities from your beautiful face.

So how does this work? In the traditional Oil Cleansing Method, you would pool a couple of teaspoons of an oil blend in your palms and then massage it into the skin on your face and neck. Well here at Hipbees we kept spilling it all over our favourite jammies, so we added a touch of (you guessed it) BEESWAX.  This makes our product semi-solid at room temperature.

You massage an amount the size of a quarter into your face, let it stay on for a moment while you let your tap water get hot. Next, saturate a face cloth with water as hot as you can stand, ring it out and apply the cloth to your face.  Allow the cloth to stay on the face until it begins to cool. Gently wipe away the oils from the skin.  Repeat the same process one more time if you like. Once you are finished basking in the glory of this mini-spa, you can simply pat dry your face, or add a bit of facial serum.

Simple as that.

Simple, clean, and divine.

You can do it every day if that works for you, or a few times per week.

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