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PoreHustler™ solid face cleanser

multi-benefit MULTI-BENEFIT   synergistic ingredients, natural skin care SYNERGISTIC  

multi purpose skin care products MULTI-PURPOSE

Do yourself a solid and use this as Step One of your two-step cleansing regimen. This dual-use, no-mess cleanser won’t clog your pores. Or irritate your skin. Or make you famous. Know what it will do? It will start working immediately to gently lift off and melt away long-wearing and waterproof makeup - without any rubbing or tugging. It will take away dirt and sweat then lock in moisture.

Pro tip: Try it with our JOMO powder face mask for a superb scrub. Leave the day behind and slip into something more comfortable, you.

This is Part 1 of a two-step cleansing method: oil-based cleansing. Gently massage a small amount into superb face of yours. Then, soak a facecloth with water, as hot as you can stand, ring it out and apply to your face. Remove the oil as it clears away dirt, pollution, sweat and your daily worries.

Once you are finished basking in the glory of this mini-spa, simply pat dry and apply a bit of GroovyGlow™ face serum.