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Forest Bath

  • $8.00

Hipbees' Mood-Elevating Forest Bath: Dive Deep into Relaxation

🌲 Transport yourself into the heart of a lush boreal forest with every soak in Hipbees' Forest Bath. Our Zero-Waste Forest Bath is specifically formulated to lift your spirits and pamper your skin with soothing, nurturing vibes.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Forest Aroma: The key to our bath soak's enchanting forest scent is Pinene, a naturally occurring compound in many tree oils. Pinene emits that distinct fresh, earthy pine fragrance that makes you feel as if you’re walking through a serene forest. It’s renowned not just for its delightful scent but also for its ability to help clear the mind and elevate your mood.
  • Skin-Loving Ingredients: Enjoy the harmonious blend of nature’s finest botanicals:
    • Birch (Betula Alba) Oil: Detoxifies and calms, providing gentle purification for your skin.
    • Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) Oil: Infuses your bath with a deep, woodsy aroma, reducing stress and invigorating the senses.
    • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata) Oils: Known for their refreshing and cooling properties, they help to soothe physical discomfort and clear mental clutter.
    • Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Oil: Powered by pinene, it energizes and revitalizes, enhancing the forest-like atmosphere in your bath.

Eco-Friendly Commitment:

  • Water-Soluble Pouch: Our innovative pouch dissolves completely, ensuring there is no trace left behind—just pure, relaxing, and therapeutic enjoyment.

Bundle and Save:

  • Great Savings: Purchase more than one pouch to enjoy discounts, help reduce our carbon footprint, and support sustainable practices.

Step into a fragrant forest with every bath. Hipbees' Forest Bath not only refreshes your body and spirit but also supports our commitment to the planet with sustainable, impactful practices.

Soak Up the Goodness: Transform your bath into a deeply restorative, environmentally conscious ritual with Hipbees' Forest Bath.

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Simply toss this water-soluble pouch into your bath and watch it dissolve, creating a lovely fizzing bath treatment. Guaranteed to please!

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Customer Reviews

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Judith Code
Forest bath

Love the scent & relaxing feeling.


Wonderful product. Great smell