Moody Pits - Vanilla (Deodorant Lotion)


Hipbees Moody is a natural deodorant, free from aluminum, parabens, artificial fragrances, and toxic preservatives. The difference between Hipbbes Sweet Pits and Hipbees Moody Pits is that the later is free from baking soda as well. Why? Because many people have an uncomfortable reaction to baking soda in their personal care products (us included!)

The oils in Hipbees Moody Pits do not block the underarm glands, and because of this they will not prevent you from sweating. HOWEVER, they do fight the odor causing bacteria, and keep you smelling great while working up a sweat!

Hipbees all-natural deodorants are perfect for individuals concerned with the harmful chemicals in conventional deodorants, and those with allergies to perfumes and artificial fragrances. We do use the 100% therapeutic grade essential oil of Vanilla to create an earthy and fresh scent enhancer just for you! We hope you love it as much as we do :)

Does Moody Pits work for strong body odors?? You bet your sweaty shirt it does! Chemistry teaches us that oil dissolves oil, so we got that working to control the bacteria part. Then we add arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, and kaolin clay to give it an extra kick. One stipulation- you need to remember to put it on. The unique part about all of our deodorants is that they will help to eliminate odors even if you forgot to put it on (and they have started to creep in), simply get that stuff on the pits!

To use: Lovingly massage a pea size amount of the deodorant into the arm pits. While applying this smell enhancer, please remind yourself how wonderful you are :)

***Important to note- this is a natural product that does not contain stabilizers so the consistency changes with the seasons, if it becomes too soft pop it in the fridge for an hour.If it is a little challenging to spread, warm it up a little in your hand, it will glide on smoothly after that :)

To read more about the benefits of bees wax, coconut oil, and other ingredients check out our blog posts!

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