Queen Bee Hot and Bothered- A Cooling Spray


Over here at Hipbees we have created a line especially for our lady friends experiencing the joys of menopause! We have called it "Queen Bee MenoPower". Considering the changes that happen during this magical time, we sourced oils, butters, floral waters, and essential oils suited to ease the discomforts associated with our beautiful changing bodies.

Many of our lady friends experiencing hormonal changes associated with menopause can find the changes to their personal thermostat very challenging. Hipbees Hot and Bothered is a cooling spray designed to provide relief when hormones turn the heat up. This cooling spray will not cure "hot flashes", nor will it stop them from happening... BUT it will provide immediate relief to your hot skin! 

Hipbees Hot and Bothered a Cooling Spray combines floral waters with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to soothe hot and irritated skin.  To use:  Simply shake the bottle, hold 6-10 inches away and spritz the skin on the front and back of the neck, arms, chest, legs etc.  If you can strip down and spray everywhere that would be ideal! 

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