Queen Bee Beaver Balm


Over here at Hipbees we have created a line especially for our lady friends experiencing the joys of menopause! We have called it "Queen Bee MenoPower".

Paying special attention the changes that happen during this magical time, we have sourced oils, butters, and essential oils suited to help ease the discomforts sometimes associated with our beautiful changing bodies.

Many of our lady friends experiencing hormonal changes associated with menopause have reported a "dry dusty feeling" down-under. Sometimes hormonal changes can be challenging for the delicate skin of our private areas.

Hipbees Beaver Balm was designed to both soothe a tired and/or over worked beaver, and also provide much needed moisture when it is in short supply.

With the magic of BeesWax and Shea Butter, we combine oils such as: Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn, and Avocado. We have also added a blend of a 100% therapeutic grade essential oils designed to help balance female hormones. Hipbees has whipped this elixir into a soft balm, nice and gentle for applying to your sensitive lady parts.  

If moisture is not a concern, and the opposite is a problem...check out out Hipbees Possum Powder! Great to tame excess moisture and smelly smells! :)


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