Hipbee Boy Acne Stick


This effective product was created for our teenage son.  Like many teens, he experiences random out breaks of acne on his face and back.  He is perfect with or without the acne, but we do tend to use our Hipbees products for good natural hygiene to keep it under control :)

Combined with a regular washing routine and weekly acne mask, the Hipbee Boy Acne Stick is an essential component to any acne management plan :)

Hipbee Boy Acne Stick combines carrier oils of sunflower and jojoba with bees wax, and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of: Bergamot, Palmarosa, Spike Lavender, Tea Tree, and Thyme to form a powerful remedy to minor acne concerns.  

For Best Use: Use a gentle cleanser for the affected area (Hippees Oil Cleansing Method is great for managing acne caused by excess oil). Then allow the face to dry completely, and finally - apply the acne stick to spots, or areas suffering from an acne outbreak.  IF the acne stick further irritates the skin discontinue use.


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