Facial Toner


A lovely way to tighten and tone the skin on your beautiful face.  It also helps even out skin tone and reduce blemishes.  Sadly it will not fold your laundry, but it will make you look and smell great doing it!

Hipbees gentle toner combines Witch hazel, Floral Waters, and Essential oils.  Witch hazel is cooling, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Our witch hazel is free from alcohol :) 

Hipbees Facial Toner containers Neroli and Chamomile floral waters because of their cell rejuvenating properties, and the calm soothing effect they have on the skin (and the mind in my opinion).

We absolutely love Neroli essential oil.  Besides smelling lovely, we chose it because it has so many wonderful benefits for the skin! To read more check out this link: Neroli

To use this toner, simply spray two or three pumps on your face after cleansing.  Works great after the Hipbees Oil Cleansing Method, cleansing with a gentle face wash, or after you splash water on your face in the morning. Leave on, or dab off with a towel :)

To read more about the benefits of bees wax, coconut oil, and other ingredients check out our blog posts!

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