100% Canadian Beeswax Candle

"Get Cozy" is the name of our Beeswax candle because this candle emits such a beautiful glow, it makes it easy to relax with this little baby glowing beside you!

Beeswax emits a natural bright light with the same spectrum as the sun! Another interesting fact is that when beeswax burns it produces negative ions. What does that even mean? 

We at Hipbees call it magic, but usually, that doesn't fly... science has this to say:

Negative ions relieve stress, boost energy and alertness levels, reduce the number of dust mites and dander in the air, and they may help protect against airborne germs by attaching to positively charged ions that are holding other contaminants airborne. Theories about how they work include:

  • They cause a biochemical reaction that increases serotonin levels
  • They increase the flow of oxygen to the brain
  • They stimulate the pituitary gland, which regulates the endocrine glands including the adrenal and thyroid glands

If you are curious about the science of beeswax we encourage you to check out some useful videos on youtube! (There are many!)


Here is a link to the blog we wrote about beeswax: LINK

Beeswax smells amazing on its own so we have not added any essential oils, we want to let the natural splendor of the wax shine for you!