Nature's essentials in tiny jars

Nature at your fingertips

Wild Craft Boreal Bubbles


It is hard to use words to explain this bubble just need to smell it and luxuriate in the bubbles...It is a unique gem of a product! Made from safe and lovely plant based ingredients, it is sure to please. NO SLS, NO parabens.

Sometimes it can be hard to escape daily life to spend time in the Mountains...Instead of feeling down about being stuck in your house, why not let your self-care routine be your blissful space to relax and dream? The smell of this bath treatment will tickle you senses and have you dreaming of forest streams in no time. To make it more fun ask someone you like more than a friend to join you in the warm bubbly water of dream land....YES!

Hipbees Wildcraft is about blooming right where you are planted! Make your self care sacred ~ you deserve to be treated like a masterpiece!!!