Queen Bee Solid Mood Enhancer


Over here at Hipbees we have created a line especially for our lady friends experiencing the joys of menopause! We have called it "Queen Bee MenoPower". Considering the changes that happen during this magical time, we sourced oils, butters, essential oils suited to ease the discomforts associated with our beautiful changing bodies.

Many of our lady friends experiencing hormonal changes associated with menopause can find the change challenging when it comes to fluctuating moods. Hipbees Solid Mood Enhancer was designed to take the edge off when you are feeling like everyone else is making you crazy.  Its not you that is the Queen Beeyatch, it is your hormones- and sometimes they need a little help to chill out.

With the magic of BeesWax we combine Jojoba and Sunflower Oil, and to it add a blend of a 100% therapeutic grade essential oils designed to help balance female hormones. Hipbees has poured it into an easy to use stick that will fit into your pocket or purse.  

To use: Simply apply to pulse points on the wrist and neck, and inhale the essentials oils.  It works quickly, and you can do it as many times a day as you need.  Full-body-mood-enhancing-dip available upon request ;)

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