Queen Bee Possum Powder


Over here at Hipbees we have created a line especially for our lady friends experiencing the joys of menopause! We have called it "Queen Bee MenoPower". Considering the changes that happen during this magical time, we sourced oils, butters, essential oils, floral waters, and dry powders suited to ease the discomforts sometimes associated with our beautiful changing bodies.

Many of our lady friends experiencing hormonal changes associated with menopause can find the change challenging for the delicate skin of our private areas. Not only does the skin in Special Town become more sensitive, the smells coming from down there can be uncomfortable to deal with! Hipbees Possum Powder was designed to not only soothe a chaffed Possum, but also deal with excess moisture and uncomfortable smell situations.

Hipbees Possum Powder combines the magic of Arrowroot Powder and Tapioca Starch, then to it we add a hint of non-nano zinc and Chamomile flowers! We finish off this AMAZING powder with a blend of a 100% therapeutic grade essential oils designed to help balance female hormones.

Hipbees Possum Powder comes in an easy to use (and pretty shaker) bottle.

To use:  Simply sprinkle into panties, yoga pants, panty hose, or apply directly to your Little Lady.  Use a little or apply liberally, it is really up to you! Also works great in creases, in cleavage, under breasts, between thighs, as a foot powder, and even as a dry shampoo! 

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