Oil Cleansing Method


Here at Hipbees we love using oil to clean our faces!!! And we think you should too!!!

That is right, oil!

Oil dissolves oil, and a nice hot face cloth helps removes oil and impurities from clogged pores. The final result: a gorgeous dewy glow :) 

To use the Oil Cleansing Method you gently massage an amount the size of a quarter into the face, and let it stay on for a moment while you let your tap water get hot.  

Next, saturate a face cloth with water as hot as you can stand, ring it out and apply the cloth to your face.  

Allow the cloth to stay on the face until it begins to cool.  Gently wipe away the oils from the skin.  

Repeat the same process one more time if it feels right.  

Once you are finished basking in the glory of this mini-spa, you can simply pat dry and/or apply a bit of facial serum.

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