Night Cream


Hipbees Night Cream is essential to everyones self-care regime. This luxurious skin care product was developed specifically for aging, moody, and tired skin.

Our dear friend Julie gave us the recipe for this cream in an attempt to cure our temperamental skin. Cure it did! For three years we have been free from all adult acne, dry patches, and winter-skin drama. Bonus feature: thanks to the anti- aging properties of Hipbees Night Cream, our fine lines have been reduced!

A little bit of this lovely cream goes a long way! When applying, make sure to take your time and massage the cream in, you will get the added benefit of a mini-facial massage! Facial massage is a wonderful way to increase blood and oxygen flow to the skin, while at the same time it reduces tension in the muscles of the face.

At the end of your day give yourself a treat: spend 5 minutes massaging Hipbees Night Cream into your beautiful face, reminding yourself how truly wonderful and unique you are!!!

**Special Notes**: Very suitable for both a day and night cream. We use it for everything, all the time!  Also available in a nut-free version.


 To read more about the benefits of bees wax, coconut oil, and other ingredients check out our blog posts!

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