MommeeBee Belly Butter


Hipbees Belly Butter Butter glides on perfectly, to help that growing belly stay smooth and soft. We have chosen to add ginger to our belly butter because it promotes circulation and elasticity in the skin. Also ginger is used in the treatment of hypopigmented scars (the kind that happen after a stretch mark has healed).

This product drives our fourteen-year- old-son crazy! Why? Because it comes in a deodorant container. He feels that this container should only be used for deodorant! The MommeeBees that use Hipbees Belly Butter on a daily basis disagree.  This type of container means you can simply apply and go! If you choose to massage it in, then it's a nice bonus for the hands.

Hipbees Belly Butter is a great treat for any expectant momma!

Directions: Apply lovingly to the belly while it is growing, or after baby is born. While applying balm, remind yourself how beautiful and amazing you are.

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