Hipbee Grrrl Body Spray


Sometimes it is nice to enhance our natural aroma with a beautiful scent inspired by nature. Instead of artificial fragrance or perfume, Hipbees encourages a gentle mist of our Hipbee Grrrl Body Spray made from floral waters and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to bring scent joy to yourself and those near you:)

Hipbees Grrrl Body Spray is a subtle way of showing you care about the smell you put out into the world. Also, our essential oil blend also has some serious mood lifting qualities, guaranteed to brighten your day!  We have combined Rose floral water with the essential oils of: Lime,Tangerine, Cardamom and Benzoin to create a light a scent enhancer just for you! Some people have said it smells like a gorgeous spring day! We hope you love it as much as we do :)

Hipbees does not use solubizers or alcohol so separation does occur, simply shake before each use-no problem!

To use: Simply spritz the body and/or clothes with 3-5 sprays and go on your merry way smelling amazing. 

Cautions: Avoid contact with eye and/or open mouth.  Do NOT spray directly onto the private parts. Also, you may be asked repeatedly why you smell so amazing, be prepared to make new friends.

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