Hipbee Grrrl Body Oil


This product was created for a very special young lady that has developed some "tiger stripes of courage" (I like to call them). Sometimes when we are growing our skin is forced to stretch much faster than it wants to, thereby creating some marks (sometimes with red and/or purple coloring) on the skin. This can happen at many different times in our lives- especially for women, our bodies change many times over the course of our journey!

Hipbee Grrrl Body Oil contains some power moisturizing and conditioning oils to both help prevent and treat already existing "stretch marks"...

Avocado is a beautiful clear oil that moisturizes and softens skin, it also increases elasticity without leaving a greasy after-feel. Jojoba is more liquid wax than oil, the closest substance to human sebum -it has high levels of Vitamin E and will quickly smooth and soften the skin. Rosehip oil is very high in essential fatty acids, retinol A and is used to help treat dry, irritated skin. It is quite often used in specialty creams and lotions to treat stretch marks and wrinkles. Evening Primrose Oil soothes inflammation and has high levels of GLA essential fatty acids- great for dry and mature skin.

***Rose-hip and Evening Primrose oils pack a powerful punch when making a skin treatment oil, and they also pack a powerful smell! Do not be surprised if this body oil has you questioning our ability to blend essential oils! Trust us, it may not smell like a spring day, but it works!

We combine all these awesome oils with a hefty dose of Vitamin E and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of: Lemon, Lavender, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang.

To use: Massage anywhere on the body, remove excess with a towel as the oils can stain clothing, or.... just read a book while you make sure it is well absorbed before putting on clothing or jammies :)

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