Beard Spray


This beard spray was created for Clayton, the Beard behind Hipbees!

Hipbees Beard Balm works well to moisten your beard and make it more manageable for combing and styling! It also works well to make your beard smell amazing!

As in all out product,s we use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to tease the senses :) The same as our Beard Balm, the subtle scents of Sage and Cedar-wood are sure to please both men and women alike. 

To Use: Hold about 6-10 inches away from your beard and spritz 3-5 sprays directly onto your beard, avoiding contact with the eyes and/or an open mouth. Style as usual :) Go forth and spread the beard love!

To read more about the benefits of bees wax, coconut oil, and other ingredients check out our blog posts!

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