Pitter Patter™ Natural Deodorant


Let’s get at ‘er! You have places to go and don’t want to smell like you rode a bus for three days to get there. Too harsh? Not really, Pitter Patter™ is formulated to be soothing and gentle on your parts.

  • The blend of shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, rosehip oils nourish the skin, while kaolin clay, arrowroot and soda powders absorb sweat and odour
  • Tea tree oil and limonene are antibacterial and disinfecting


Take a moment to thank your sweet pits for doing their stinking job, then proceed to massage a pea-sized amount into your pits. 

Pro tip: Use anywhere you sweat. Seriously. You can thank us later.


wild crafted  WILD CRAFTED   terpene rich TERPENE-RICH

multi purpose, versatile, practical skin care MULTI-PURPOSE   synergistic ingredients  SYNERGISTIC